Top Countries Affected by Climate Change

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Extreme weather conditions have led some countries to take the toll. Here is a list of top countries affected by climate change in one way or another.

Global Climate Risk Index 2019

In a new report of its kind, the Global Climate Risk Index 2019 has brought forth a report that informs us about the countries “who suffers most from extreme weather events”.

The research involves the most recent weather-related data on loss events in 2017 and 1998 to 2017.

Although this data is only limited to some extends, it still paints a very clear picture of what is going on in the countries affected most by the ongoing global warming.

It isn’t the first time German Watch is doing this service. In fact, the recent 14th edition confirms and reaffirms the data and the results that were stated in the earlier issues.

The result seems to confirm that the less developed countries are more prone to receiving a wide range of effects from water shortages, to food scarcity as a result.

One can say that the more industrialized countries have employed better measures when it comes to waste management, plantation, and other climate control measures, but unfortunately, as it stands, the developing nations are still to follow their suit.

climate change countries

One way or another, this lack of acknowledging what’s going on with their environment and also failing to formulate policies for a better future can be drastic for global ecology.

The data also gives us an insight into the future of climate change in the regions most affected. That goes to say that extreme environmental events could increase and become more severe. In the past, we may have ignored these events as a natural phenomenon, but their increasing numbers indicate dire consequences for all of us.

Owing to that, the industrialized or developed countries are gaining momentum on the situation and are recognizing such events more than before. For example, the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season jolted everyone awake and told them how crucial it was for them to start searching for a solution.

Climate Summit

Countries around the world are to attend this year’s Climate Summit in Katowice (COP24) in an effort to drive a greater change for the sake of the planet.

However, no significant grounds would likely be achieved if they do not abide by the rules needed to be implemented post-Paris Agreement. Damage has been done already, but its never too late to act and put a stop to it.

The countries affected by climate change

The list of the countries is as follows.

  1. Puerto Rico
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Dominica
  4. Nepal
  5. Peru
  6. Vietnam
  7. Madagascar
  8. Sierra Leone
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Thailand

These are the top countries that were affected by climate change more than the rest. To remind you, the data provided is of 2017 and is presented this year.

Owing to this drastic change in weather and the consequent water shortages, it is high time we develop new methods of water preservation and sustainable use. Keep on following us for more news on this subject matter.


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